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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF: Spider-Man Noir

At one point, Marvel wanted to explore the idea of iconic super heroes in the Noir era and produced a few decent characters like Spider-Man Noir. This gun wielding wall crawler is definitely the highlight of that idea and he even made it to a pretty cool game (Shattered Dimensions) and the Spiderverse event. Marvel Legends Spider-Man Noir is another addition of the growing Spiderverse character entering action figure form so let's check him out and see where he stands.

After going through some of the Okoye BAF figures, I did get spoiled with the character themed boxes. Seems like we are not going to the same treatment with some of these unique characters which is kind of sad. But that's alright, it is just a box after all.

Pretty good looking art on the side of the box. Another not so impressive promo shot on the back of the box.

Other than the Lizard BAF piece he comes with, at the very least he comes with guns. Though it's not exactly the handguns that we would expect from that timeframe so that's a bit disappointing as well.

Spider-Man Noir is made of different recycled parts from previous Marvel Legends. The trench coat is obviously from the likes of Nick Fury, Red Skull, and Punisher(and many others), a clothing that you will see that I take off for the sake of posing the character. The upper torso, legs, and arms seems familiar, but I can't place it because I probably don't own the figures. The head is the new sculpt, or at least from my knoweldge, it's not recycled. One thing to note in this picture is that his right arm is both warped and looks longer than his left. I am able to hide that though with some angles so it doesn't bother me as much.

The profile of with the trench coat does look pretty good. But again, as much as I like how the trench coat looks, there are more cons with it on than not.

Seriously, that right arm is just ugly. Regardless, for a character that is mostly black and grey, Hasbro did a great job having some different shades of black, shiny, flat, and then the grey that are sparsely placed here and there.

But I love how much more 'Spider-Man-like' he is without the trench coat, so I'll probably leave his coat off.

Speaking of trench coat, it's probably one of the things that really hinders his articulation. It's hard to do crouching poses with it on, it can be done and I've seen it done, but it requires a lot of angling and illusions that I don't like spending too much time on. Other than that, he's pretty standard in terms of articulation.

Recycled body parts with a brand new head sculpt, lack of accessories, and the accessories he gets are out of sync with the character theme, and then of course the warped arm. All in all, it's not a bad figure, but it comes with a few flaws. He's a must for the Lizard BAF with the piece he comes with, and for anyone wanting to build the Web Warriors, he's definitely a must have. Other than that, he can be an easy pass. I do like him, but he is definitely not the highlight of this wave.

Until Next Time!

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