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Marvel Legends Lizard BAF: Spider-Punk

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Another Spider-Verse related character entering the Marvel Legends fray, everyone be prepared to rock out for Spider-Punk! Let's check him out and see if he is really going to crank up the noise against the Inheritors!

Like Gwenpool, Spider-Punk got a little more attention in his pose inside his box. I guess it's also one way to conserve space, but hey, it looks pretty good and it does pay homage to the character and his personality.

Again, another in-character promo shot. I can't complain. His guitar looks a little more detailed compared to the final product, but oh well.

While he doesn't get a ton, Spider-Punk does get a few accessories that ups his fun factor. I am very glad that they gave him his guitar and alternate hands that will do well with playing his instrument. He has a 'thwip' hand that can also be used for a popular 'rock on' gesture. Other than that, he can hold his guitar with pick on the other, and when he needs to punch someone, he can do it.

We've seen Spidey figures done a dozen of times before, so in order to pull off Hobart Brown's version of Spider-Man differently, Hasbro really had to adhere to some signature looks of Spider-Punk as he appeared in the Spiderverse event. The denim vest, the spikes on his head, and the chucks and a familiar Spider-Man body mold, and here we are with a nearly perfect iteration of the rockstar member of the Web Warriors. The body is indeed familiar, so I won't go in depth with it. Let's just say, he fits as a Spider-Man. If in doubt, Hasbro should always lean on the Pizza Spidey mold; they just need to add some distinct designs like they did over here with Spider-Punk.

The colors are impressive for the added parts. I especially love how the denim vest turned out because Hasbro did a fantastic job giving it the texture look it's supposed to have. The logo on his back is an awesome take on a classic mixed with rock. Everything else is a standard paint job and nothing is sloppy on my figure. I feel as if the guitar could have used a little bit more paint job, but it may be open for customization.

As a Spider-Man body mold that we have seen before, his range of movements gains his predecessors qualities, good and bad. One can really pull off some Spidey like poses, but at the same time, he is still missing those joints that allows him to get some really dynamic poses. Still, butterfly joints on his shoulders, good ab crunches, and ankle pivots allows more than enough. He wasn't a bad photoshoot, but with my lack of knowledge of playing musical instruments, I feel as if I did this injustice.

In conclusion, the Marvel Legends of Spider-Punk isn't a bad figure. Clean paint, actually has accessories, standard articulation, and subjectively one of the coolest takes of Spider-Man, Spider-Punk has deserves a glance. Not my favorite figure from the wave, but definitely not the dud. He offers some good homage to the character, and for those like me who are looking to get an entire Spiderverse shelf, he's a must.

Until Next Time!

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