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Marvel Legends Man-Thing BAF: Jessica Jones

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I've been pondering if I should grab this figure or not for a while, finally I gave in, so here she is, the Netflix version of Jessica Jones in Marvel Legends form (in the comics, she's known as Jewel). While I haven't seen enough of the Netflix show, I do know that this take on the character is generally well excepted. Let's see how her figure form does. Let's check her out!

Another figure suffering from the 'large BAF piece', which means that she gets little to no accessories. At least she gets a logo on her box that is dedicated to her and her only.

Pretty good promo shot. The rest of the wave seems okay. Not sure if I am willing to complete this 'Netflix Man-Thing wave' since most of the figures are mediocre. I do like how Daredevil looks, but we'll see. I'll hut for good deals since I'm not inclined to pay full retail price for some of these figures.

And I've already mentioned about her lack of accessories. This is a frustrating trend with Marvel Legends. I do wish they rectify this. Though this BAF piece does look good. The details is part of what tempts me to buy this wave.

As far as the figure goes, she isn't half bad. I do believe this is the first time i have come across this mold and it might just be new when this figure was released. Regardless if it is all new or has recycled pieces, the details placed with Jessica Jones is impressive. I like the way they made her jacket look; it looks like a leather jacket and the small details placed with the zippers and wrinkles adds depth. The jeans are also done well and the wrinkles placed are convincing. Said wrinkles and even the jean pockets are sculpted rather than painted.

The colors and the paint details given are minor, but in the areas that are given attention, it is done well; more particularly, her face and her jeans. I love how there are fading of light blue over the denim color. It really gives the denim jeans look. And the funny thing is, Jessica Jones' color scheme is dominantly black and to only have the jeans to contrast is something; glad Hasbro pulled off the different shades of black to really offset what would be a plain looking color scheme.

Now the picture don't do this figure's face justice but it does resemble Krysten Ritter a little bit. I do appreciate that Hasbro does produce some pretty faces for their figures and with the new 3D printing technology that they are doing, the faces are getting more 'human' and distinct. I need to watch Jessica Jones!

Articulation wise, Jessica Jones is a pretty fun figure. While she still suffers from the usual female body mold problems, I was able to get her in some pretty dynamic poses. She's also a light body so balancing her was pretty neat doing so! Her sculpted leather jacket doesn't hinder much at all, but as usual, the hair, while pliable, still doesn't allow more than a few head movements. But her diaphragm joints work, her legs aren't bad, and her arms have a wide enough range of movements that one can pull of some great action scenes.

Classic scenario. Fell into a trap!

But despite all that range of movements, I doubt she can rescue Ms. Marvel from the Masters of Evil members: Baron Zemo, Speed Demon, Boomerang, and Carnage (it's a made up Masters of Evil group, okay?).

All in all, while this figure doesn't offer much in terms of variety, it does have some great details and it allows for some good few photo shots. I swear, if Hasbro gave her some accessories, the fun factor would increase. Still, not bad. If anyone is a big fan of the Netflix Jessica Jones series, there might be something fun for you in Jessica Jones' Marvel Legends form. If one is really adamant about building Man-Thing, Jessica Jones is a must. Not a great figure, but I don't think she's bad. Like I said, I had fun! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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