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Marvel Legends: Scarlet Witch and Vision Infinity War 2-Pack

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

"I just feel you..."

Scarlet Witch and Vision had always been a thing in the Marvel Comics' publication. It's a weird and almost too unnatural even by comic book standards. Regardless, #Infinity_War gave them a somewhat relatable relationship. As a matter of fact, they were a bit adorable in all their appearances. So when a 2-Pack Marvel Legends of these two were announced, I couldn't be any happier to preorder them! Let's check them out!

This used to be a Toys "R" Us exclusive, but we all know what happened with that. Regardless, here we are with a movie duo, which, honestly, could very well be part of the Marvel Stud10s "First Ten years", but it's not. It's just a regular Infinity War figures. On one side panel we have a lovely image of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch.

On the other side of the panel, is a very stern and ready for action Vision The back of the box, of course, is a standard promotional shot of the figures. There is a small bio for the figures and that's about it.

In the accessory department, there's not much to say. we have two pair of hands for Vision and some 'hex' special effects for Scarlet Witch. While I didn't expect alternate hands for Wanda, maybe an alternate head with more emotions? For Vision, one that has some kind of beam coming out of the Infinity Stone on his head would have been nice. But alas, this is what we got and it's better than nothing.

Starting out with Vision, one thing I will mention is that the #MCU did a fine job translating a rather awkward costume into the movies. With colors that suit well within the cinematic universe, details that makes sense for Vision's story, and a reason to have a cape in a world where capes are not practical, I definitely dig Vision's look and #Marvel_Legends did not disappoint. There are a lot of sculpted details throughout his body and more noticeably on his head, his arms and his legs. The texturing is on point and he really does look like he came out of the movie. There are a lot of sculpting that I feel that at this point in time of Hasbro's skill, I'm glad they waited a little bit to produce someone like Vision. He doesn't look generic one bit.

I'm not sure if this is a reused body mold or not, but if it is, they've done a good job hiding it with all the sculpting.

The cape has some sculpted lines that truly resembles Vision's look in the movies. Color-wise, I'm not sure if the movie version has these prominent reds but in action figure form, it looks a bit odd but easy to look over. The rest of the coloring on the figure looks great. Again, I love how Vision's color remains true to his comic book appearance but highly modernized and it works great! The paint job that Hasbro did is amazing and I can't find any flaws that really takes away from the figure.

Vision's articulation is standard as they come and that's not a bad thing at all. With most male body molds containing all the bells and whistles, having no surprise of what we get is always a plus. The cape and all his costume designs doesn't hinder his range of movements either. Besides, Vision wasn't exactly the agile character so I didn't expect him to have the most dynamic poses.

Moving on to Wanda, aka the Scarlet Witch, I can't say that this is my favorite outfit for her. I like her AoU outfit better, but that's just me admiring a girl that has a skirt on during a fight against an army of robots. Practicality, this costume works just fine. Definitely a far cry from her comic book appearance! But to give Hasbro credit, this is a good iteration. There are a lot of sculpting that makes the figure unique, and sculpt of her body is pretty good as well. Albeit, right next to Vision, she does seem a little on the tall side, but that's a small complaint. There are plenty of things to adore like all those sculpted stitching, the wrinkles, the way the hair looks, and of course, something that Hasbro has gotten really good at is their face printing tech that allows cinematic characters to resemble their action figure counterparts.

It may not be 100% accurate to Elizabeth Olsen, but it resembles enough. That and the face is pretty so I can't really complain.

The hand gestures on both hands are different as well, which is good attention to detail on Hasbro's part.

Wanda, as I have mentioned, does not have the most intricate costume in the MCU, but what we are given in Marvel Legends form does play off well. The colors of dark red leather looks really good and the auburn hair color of hers contrasts brightly. The black plastic is standard but it has a shiny tint to it, allowing it to not look bland. The face, as I have already mentioned is painted well.

As far as articulation goes, Scarlet Witch is also a victim of the faults of the female body mold (no good bend on the elbows is one fault for sure, the hair doesn't allow for full range of motion for her head). One of the other things that also plays against her is her costume--the long leather jacket. But just like Vision, Wanda wasn't doing backflips or anything too crazy in the movies. The most she ever did was fly, hover, and gestured with her hands to hurl cars and/or airplanes around. The special effects do their job right even if they aren't the most intricate accessory out there.

I think a special effect that connects to Vision's forehead, where the Mind Stone is, would have done really well. An alternate expression on Wanda wouldn't hurt either--these may be some of the things that would have made these perfect figures. But how much would it have cost to have another accurate face printed based on actress's face on an action figure?

In conclusion, this is a wonderful addition to my Marvel Legends collection. We've waited a long time for a Cinematic Vision and the redone Scarlet Witch is also welcome. Missing a few accessories, for sure, and Wanda is slightly off height, but all in all, they are wonderful action figures. I definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to complete their Avengers/Infinity War Marvel Legends! Other than that, happy collecting!

Until Next Time!

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