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Marvel Legends Sp//dr BAF: All New All Different Daredevil

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

"Forever in Darkness, a Guardian Devil..."

Another extended family of the #Spider_Man lore! This Daredevil Marvel Legends represents Matt Murdock during the All New All Different Marvel days after the Secret Wars. I confused it once for the Shadowland Daredevil. Regardless, let's check out Daredevil's slick red and black look in action figure form!

I'm not too familiar with this time line of Daredevil. From my knowledge, after the events of Secret Wars, Matt Murdock was in San Francisco and decided to wear something very similar to his Shadowland time. Not sure why since he was seen as villain, possessed by a demon and all. Regardless, I think it's a nice change and Daredevil always struggled when he veered away from his classic red costume. Seems that his red and black style resonated better than most of his past attempts.

Not a bad promo picture of the figure either. Hasbro's getting better with how to pose their characters, it seems.

Accessories-wise, he comes with enough to satisfy. But my main gripe with what we are given is the fact that its easy for his batons to get warped. I gave a small effort to straighten them out, but in the end, I still have a very crooked looking weapons for Daredevil.

The body mold is something we have seen a dozen times on Daredevil. We've seen this on a multitude of Marvel characters in general. It's the Bucky Cap mold, of course. The one thing about this mold is that it has some weird joints that are showing some age. From the profile, those elbow joints look weird and bit more unnatural from what I remember from other action figures. Also, this figure came with a lot of issues with loose joints right out the package. Probably just my figure. But as far as the other sculpting of the figure, there are new gloves and boots that came with Daredevil. Definitely a welcome addition to make him less generic and similar to the other figures of Daredevil that came before this one.

He also comes with the baton holders and they are colored the same red as the boots and gloves/wraps. Looks nice.

There's not much to say in regards to his paint applications since he is mostly black plastic. The red for his "DD" are done well along with his red eyes. Clean and sharp, as all Marvel Legends should be.

Since it is the Bucky Cap mold, the articulation is what one would expect. I had an easy time posing him around and the accessories Daredevil came with really complimented him. Of course, there are the issues of loose joints like on his open/gripping hand joint and his bicep swivel on his right arm; like really loose. One thing that makes things look weird is the 'string effect' of his batons, which, in all honesty, should be thinner. But for what it is, it works so I can't complain too much.

Here is All New All Different Daredevil next to his first Marvel Legends Daredevil (I believe) from the Hobgoblin BAF. Again, those different gloves and boots makes him stand out more even if most of the figure is exactly the same.

A repaint of an action figure of the exact same character hardly goes well with me. But add in some new parts and give it some good accessories and we'll probably get somewhere. Luckily, it's Daredevil with a slick new color scheme--at one point I was a huge fan of The Man Without Fear! So is this a good addition? I didn't ask for it, nor was it even high in my priority of Marvel Legends, but hey, we got it, I like it, and I'd say it's a pretty good addition. Hopefully, they'll lay low on the Daredevils though since we got a lot of him within a small period of time.

Until Next Time!

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