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Marvel Legends: Storm (Vintage Collection)

A #Marvel_Legends this early into 2021? Yes! Storm is a pretty prominent X-Men character and honestly, I adore her in a lot of the stories she's in! So, without further adieu, let's get on with the review!

Wow, first time in my page that I am featuring #Hasbro's "Vintage Marvel Legends" line! I love that Hasbro does this even if this is the first one I managed to have in my collection. It's definitely reminiscent of the #Toybiz days, which I had a lot of fond memories with. I remember collecting the cardboard and all the info about the figures/characters. Good ole days! I remember having the Weapon X Wolverine and really wanting the Iceman and Colossus, and seeing this style really brings me back in the old days. Needless to say, Hasbro really pulled it off with the aesthetics and I appreciate it. I should get more of these in the future!

This series is not part of the #Marvel_Legends #BAF line so no collect a figure to get a bigger piece deal. It means no extra gimmick and one less accessory.

Being out of the loop, I'm not sure how much of the body is recycled from previous action figures. Though I can recognize that things like the hands and the feet are reused and I'm going to take a wild guess that the cape is a recolored version of the Jubilee BAF Wave. With all that said, it's a nice body mold. It's well sculpted in most areas and it really does replicate the "Animated Storm" look. I'm sure that's what they were going for and for anyone who started of X-Men through the show, this is a real treat. They've done some different things with her shoulder pads and her cape, which I have never seen before. It's pegged by the front and her cape attaches to the back; a pain in the butt at times because it falls off easily, but all in all, I like the idea. Everything else is sculpted just fine and I have no real complaints. The hair is also nicely done and we'll talk about the painting details in a bit.

She has her lightning earrings too!

I can't really complain much about the paint job and the plastic colors on this gal. While some may argue the Storm wears silver with this outfit, it's really not that big of a deal. Hasbro gave her a pearlescent white color, the yellow stands out, and the cloth with the plastic goes well enough. Also, there's paint detail on her hair so that's a plus! Hope to see more as we get further down the years, ya know?

Articulation is just about the same as I'd expect. Nothing really new or grand to report. As usual, Marvel Legends on the female bodies still lacks good elbow joints for reasons, but, ya know, what are you going to do? Due to the density of the hair and the hard material, she can't look up as well as one should. The torso joint does give her the ability to look up but there is a huge gap if you extend that articulation too much.The lightning effect adds a bit more dynamic to her, but without a proper flight stand, it won't look very Storm-like. Luckily I have one and it's not Hasbro's supply. I got some neat pictures so I'm pretty happy.

She can't do her Marvel VS victory pose, sadly due to the limitations of her articulation.

All in all, she's not a bad figure. I honestly can't say that the standard price point of Marvel Legends BAF fits every character but the Vintage Series like this one subtracts a couple of bucks so it's a bit more reasonable. All in all, I think I like this series. I might actually have to hunt a couple down I think.

Until Next Time!

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