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Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Taskmaster

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

I'm not sure if I can really agree that we needed a Taskmaster Marvel Legends again, but here we are with another one! Let's just get right into the review and check him out!

I never understood Taskmaster's design. He looks like a grim reaper but his abilities consists of him being able to mimic skills of other characters to the point of almost gaining the muscle memory and training of said characters. He can shoot a bow like Hawkeye, swing like Spider-Man, use a shield like Captain America, and... use a sword like Swordman? At any rate, the box looks good. I like the side art for this one.

It's a pretty weak promo shot of the figure.

Taskmaster's supply of accessories isn't great but at least Hasbro included some. He has his trademark shield, a pistol, and a sword. All weapons recycled from previous Marvel Legends figures. Can't gripe too much but the older Toybiz figure had more.

I'm not sure what the real appeal is with this character. I know that his last Marvel Legends figure wasn't that far away and I'm also aware that the figure before this was a modern take on this character and not this classic look, but still, he still received two figures in a short span of time. He seems to be a fan favorite for reasons I can't relate to and this figure replicates that feeling. his body mold is familiar; it's the Bucky Cap mold so no surprises. Taskmaster does have extra parts like a new belt, holsters, and straps. He has his trademark cape and cowl, which, admittedly, I can say does a better job than the Toybiz one; that is of course if one can get past the fact that the cape and the hood are two separate pieces.

Taskmaster's color scheme is weird and I have never really been a fan of it either but in the realm of action figures, Hasbro did a fine job. Most of the paint work in terms of detailing went to the skull face; I think it's a recycled Red Skull face, but I can't quite tell and I only have one Red Skull Marvel Legends from the Mandroid BAF and it's not the same. The rest are just clean paint and I don't see anything glaring. No real details, but again, it does the job just fine.

For any #Marvel_Legends collector, the #BuckyCap mold should be a familiar body that needs no redundant description of articulation. The only thing worth mentioning is that I feel as if it's getting outdated and the too rubbery feel on some joints does get a bit agitating. But all in all, it still works. Unlike the old Toybiz Taskmaster where the cape and hood got in the way, Hasbro's decision to separate said clothing article helps the articulation a lot. Though characters with capes will always be limited by the stiff cape that should be just as dynamic as the characters range of movements. Other than that, one will be able to pull off some dynamic shots well enough.

When Taskmaster throws his fighting shield!

In the end, it's another figure that really doesn't need to be on the wave. I can't say I like him well enough to recommend him, but as a figure that is a must to build #Thanos, he is a must unless one decides to go another route. For those who are a fan of this character, this Taskmaster Marvel Legends does its job adequately. For someone like me, it doesn't really do much. Other than that, there's nothing else to say!

Until Next Time!

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