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Marvel Legends: The Avengers 60th Anniversary (Veranke & Super Skrull 2-pack)

A #Marvel_Legends action figure? A 2-Pack too?! Yeah this is not common these days with me, right? Well, it's Spider-Woman! Well, it's not necessarily Jessica Drew in mind but it IS Spider-Woman. Going off the Secret Invasion hype with the Disney+ show, this is me partially promoting it. With that said, let's get to it, shall we?

Honestly, I think this is the second time I'm going to address the new Marvel Legends box and I'm going to be honest with you, it was detrimental to me if I saw this out in the wild and I'll definitely take about that. But yeah, great artwork from many Skull related arcs--mostly on Secret Invasion, of course. But let's get right into the review starting with Super-Skrull! The one I'm less excited for!

Super-Skrull doesn't come with a lot of accessories. Just two alternate arms and one arm is more of a necessity than an accessory.

Mine has a QC issue and yes, I bought the from BBTS and I didn't pick it, but had it been in the wild and if it had clear window plastic, myself or some other poor chap would have been able to save themselves this issue. Needless to say, the extra arm is now an arm without an alternate.

There are a few Super-Skrulls in the Marvel Universe. The original one just had all of the Fantastic Four's powers and we were done. But as Secret Invasion came about, there were MANY, if not, ALL of them were Super-Skrulls. This one Super-Skrull is always front and center and he represents an amalgamation of the Illuminati's: Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Iron Man, and Mr. Fantastic.... and I'm sure he can breathe under water. As far as the action figure version, it does a fine job replicating as much of the details as possible. If one is a comic book fan of that time, one can clearly recognize this Super-Skrull through the promotional art and covers. I believe this is a new 'strong-man' body; can't remember from the top of my head if I've had come across it before but I've always thought the Hyperion body mold could be retired for a new one.

The sculpting is fine. There are some details with certain parts that I do appreciate. The face sculpt is great and the details on the cape is quite nice. The Iron Man arm is good and the Fantastic fist isn't bad. Again, the QC on the arm is definitely not ideal.

Colors are adequate. As usual, less details and color variants on the body but the areas that does have some attention in the paint department, it's definitely good. The voice of plastic is also something I appreciate, but the two tone with the cape between the shoulder pice and the actual cape is somewhat jarring and obvious.

I love the sculpted arc reactor, the Black Bolt 'head piece', and all those lining on his cape. And the face is definitely quite good. Can't complain.

He is definitely poseable within the confines of a #Hasbro figurine. The stiff cape does take away and of course, figurine stands don't come as default for flying characters. Some things still don't change.

A few action poses can be made. The Iron Man arm should have a repulsor arm with blasts but I get why they didn't include it. Cost.

Moving on to Veranke/Spider-Woman. She comes alternate hands, web pits, and an alternate face.

There's really not much to say in regards to this figure other than I really like it. She is 98% identical to the Marvel Legends Thanos BAF: Spider-Woman from a couple of years ago. I'm not complaining since that was a good mold for Jess but I'm always yearning for some changes.

A good mold, for sure!

There is a slight change wit the coloring though not too blatant.

The face is done quite well and I've always like this. The hair is just as cumbersome for posing but the paint job is far cleaner than previously.

The left is the original and clearly this copy I got had a few paint blemishes. One that I pointed out in my original review. Though it was just this copy since my other two didn't have those issues.

Here is the new body of Veranke next to the older body with both heads from the new figurine on. The Veranke face is well done but it's clearly not shaped the same as the Spider-Woman head.

And the original had a shinier gloss compared to the new one. The new body has a different 'logo' on her abdomen as well. Newer one has more consistency with the paint job so can't complain. Also, can't take out those 'open' hands from the original. Least without ripping them apart.

Veranke has the same articulation as Jessica Drew...for better or for worse. Even the alternate head hinders head movement. The web wings, though the same mold, is better looking.

Probably the last time Veranke will have green blasts.

Honestly, the Venom Blast alternate hands is what ultimately sold me on this. But a new Spider-Woman figurine is something I'm not going to complain about.

All in all, is this worth it? I definitely think it's an easy pass but those hands I needed and since it has Jessica Drew body with Veranke's face, I feel that it's a good purchase for me. The Super-Skrull is alright and the QC didn't help. Once again I have to say that Marvel Legends aren't breaking new grounds and even after years of staying away from them, I still feel that they're where they were back then. Just with new packaging and higher price point. But it's hard to resist Spider-Woman. I'm sure this won't be the last Marvel Legends for this year.

Until Next Time!

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