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Marvel Legends Warlock BAF: Polaris

Updated: May 5, 2019

This BAF set is from last year and it's only now that I got my hands on the set. I never had any intentions on getting the Marvel Legends of Polaris but I figure since I've been a fan of the X-Factor run with Havoc and Polaris duo, might as well. So let's check out this action figure and see how she fares.

Polaris came to my comic book radar because of the X-Factor team that consisted of her, Havoc, Strong Guy, Wolfsbane, Quicksilver, and Multiple Man. She had a different uniform back then--it was literally a uniformed look that matched the other members' attire. I lost track of her until a little after House of M where she lost her powers. She became part of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, and then she went to space with Havok with the team Xavier assembled, then we find out that she has this power that is beyond what we expected she was capable of. And then after that, I lost track of her again and now she's just kind of one of those mutants in the X-Men realm... there's a lot of them and I honestly don't think there is a story for every single one of them in the Marvel Universe. Dazzler, anyone?

Yes, I've actually completed this set. It's just a matter of getting to review them all. I have Cyclops done, of course.

She doesn't get much in terms of accessories, surprise. At least she came with some effect though so that's appreciated.

I feel as if Polaris' outfit is always a bit underwhelming after her X-Factor uniform. I mean, not that the X-Factor duds were anything spectacular but at least it was uniformed and it really worked well in the 90s. After that, all she got are green tights, capes, and a head band. I suppose they're giving her a Magneto-like look since I felt like they didn't know what to do with Magneto's costume for a long time and honestly, they still don't, and I suppose that carried over to his daughter, Lorna. with that said, for what it is, Hasbro did a good enough job copying Polaris' comic book appearance. Of course some sculpted parts would have given this action figure some depth, but just like a majority of their action figures, most parts that could have been given some 'realism' to it are just painted. The part that is sculpted, the arm band, is a recycled part. Not sure about the cape, don't think I've seen it before. And of course, the head is new and unique to the character.

Lorna Dane is mostly green.... with the exception of her flesh tone, this gal is just a go green type of girl! The color variation is not Hasbro's fault by any means and honestly, I think they did a fantastic job giving different shades of green to make it work. Now that I really look at it, how does it make sense for Polaris to be an all green character?

Of course I must always admire the faces that Hasbro are able to make with the females. While Polaris isn't the best one, it still goes to show that they are able to make their female action figures look pretty or at least above decent. Gone are the days of ToyBiz disasters.

No real surprise when it comes to the articulation department. I've seen a lot of female action figures this year and they all pretty much have the standard range of movements and the same hinderance. Polaris being a mish-mosh of a bunch of other action figures, it's not real surprise what she has and what she hasn't. Add in a cape that pretty much hinders some movements but for Polaris' case, it's not too bad. Lorna's not the most nimble character either so one shouldn't be posing her like she's jumping off walls or anything crazy or agile like that. I am very grateful that they gave her those magnetism effects (if they are even that?) because without them, it's going to be pretty hard getting one good shots of her doing something aside from 'floating' or standing there looking sexy and/or imposing. A green haired girl imposing? Hmmm...

One again we get another Marvel Legends that doesn't steer away from the norm--from what is expected. Then again, Polaris is a year old; this BAF wave is from 2017 so there's some leeway for that. But from what I have experienced, I don't think we are going to be getting any grand change for comic book characters (especially for obscure ones) for Marvel Legends. But hey, good to have Polaris in the mix, right?

Until Next Time!

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