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Marvel Legends Wendigo BAF: Wolverine (X-Force)

A #Marvel_Legends review?! Yes, that's right! A Marvel Legends review. This toy line is very rare these days for a myriad of reasons, but for the most part, it's because I really don't have the room and the funds to spend on #Hasbro's constant waves coming down. Though there are times I want to break that streak and give in. For an updated Wolverine in his X-Force outfit, I'm game. So, let's get right into the review!

I feel that I have had enough time between this and the last Marvel Legends action figure that I reviewed that going back to a typical Hasbro box isn't as tedious. It does help that the artwork on the side panel also helps because it drawn quite well. I'm not sure if I have read a comic book that this artist has been involved with, but again, it does make for a good side art. That angry growling expression though... keep that in mind as the review goes on. It's a great looking face and ... yeah. At any rate, moving on.

The line up in this wave is actually pretty good for different reasons. The classic X-Force members are always nice. The Guardian is Canadian and ya know, eh? I'm not sure about Nightcrawler since the #Toybiz one was amazing, but Hasbro has been good with trumping Toybiz as of late. And as for Mr. Sinister, yeah, dire need. Sadly, I don't think I'll be getting this full wave for reasons I think I have already stated clearly.

If there is one thing that can damn me from getting Marvel Legends, its the lack of accessories on my favorite characters. This is the #BAF piece; it's good looking, yes, but no extra hands, alternate face, etc. Does Wolverine need it? Technically... YES. That growling face on the side panel? Yes, this action figure needs it! Moving on to the rest of the review.

I've always been a fan of Wolverine's yellow and blue; I liked it more when it was updated for the modern age. His "autumn" costume (brown and gold; or as I like to call it, his "Gaijin") continues to grow on me and even more so now with how it looks in the Powers of X story line. But when the X-Force black ops team came out, I fell in love with the look and everyone looks so cool! Wolverine gets a simple but definitely amazing black and dark grey(sometimes a lighter grey) with red eyes. He doesn't need much else but depending on the artist, sometimes his gloves and boots will have buckles and all that. Everyone else like X-23, Psylocke, and Archangel all gets the treatment! Even Warpath looked amazing! We already had a previous version of this costume but to have an updated version is appreciated. This mold of Logan is more accurate in terms of height and depending on 'which' Wolverine they are going for, the added and sculpted parts just heightens the accuracy.

As I stated, we've seen this body mold before. It's kind of like the "Wolverine body mold"; it's made for him from how I see it. It's short and stocky, much like how Logan is. I won't go too much into it because it's something we have seen before, but definitely I like this body. I also like the fact that the claws look different and it's not just straight and sharp; it has a curve in the end, something that some artists really exaggerate when drawing Wolverine. There's also the added separate piece belt that looks pretty good; I'm sure this has been used before but I can't quite recall.

The color on this guy is nothing to start a band for. It's good enough. I do wish they used a darker grey but it goes good with X-23. I only wish they took out that ugly numbering on the left thigh.

As far as the articulation department, it's as I remember with Marvel Legends. One of the things that I truly like with this Wolverine body mold is the butterfly joints that really lend itself for some Wolverine like style poses.

Remember that expression I was talking about? Yeah, this action figure needs it. It's really hard to pose Wolverine in a hack and slash/berserker barrage mode when he's just so damn stoic in the face. Again, more of an accessory critique but it does hinder the dynamic shots that one is going to try and make.

Got a feeling that a re-release of this with new accessories like an angry, torn up face is on the horizon. that would certainly make me scratch my head furiously.

I don't have the other X-Force Marvel Legends accessible so I can't put him next to his older version and/or X-23, or something.

In conclusion, I really like this new Marvel Legends X-Force. Definitely an update from the previous version. He is missing some things like alternate head or some hands but all in all, it's an enjoyable action figure. It might be my personal bias since I love the outfit so much but I do believe this is a must. After all, it's the only Marvel Legends I have reviewed for some time. At any rate, that's about it for this review!

Until Next Time!

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