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MCU Line Up

And the show must go on. A decade later, and we are still going strong. Here are the line ups of upcoming (and at the moment) MCU movies that have piqued my interest! I'm going to talk about them briefly, but as always, the trailers will talk for me!

This is going to be an interesting one. It's going to be grand too since I feel like this will set up a lot of what is going to come within the MCU. Much like the Guardians of the Galaxy, these characters are obscure, to say the least, but now that we have a firm standing with the MCU, these cosmic beings are not going to be a hard sell...especially when we got some big names in here. I'm excited for this and everything that could come from it!

Now, it's no secret that I am NOT a fan of "Spider-Boy"/Iron Man jr. I just don't like the Tom Holland/MCU iteration of Spider-Man. But the multiverse and the possibility of past Spider-Man crossing over (Andrew Garfield?!) really excited me. Doc Ock is already confirmed as well as Electro... that's from the Raimiverse and the ASM-verse. Again, interested, but not at all sold on Tom Holland's Spider-Boy at all.

Now, this is kind of unfair since this is already out but I'm hearing good things about this. I want to watch it for sure and it's definitely an obsucre character that is being given a spotlight. Very brave. But then again, Marvel has proven its salt.

Well, that's it for now with the MCU line up. I'm sure are are going to be announced and shown as time goes by.

Until Next Time!

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