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Merry Christmas 2023

Another celebration for that time of the year! Admittedly, I haven't been in Eorzea for a bit but I did decide to stop by and get a Christmas feel with the cutest WoL! As always, the decorations are up and here we are in Limsa--A'rlen posing with a skirt acting as if the ice-cold snow isn't bothering her.

Time for the Victorious Vixens to visit with their Holiday Spirit, right? And there is Esper Terra, once again gracing us with her holiday spirit. I know, she's the last Vixen who hasn't gotten the Xmas love, right? 2024 her year?

Commission: Rikku Xmas / Thunkstudio

Rikku is the latest addition to the Victorious Vixens for Christmas Commission series! Nothing like getting a package with a spunky Al Bhed all wrapped up and ready for us to enjoy, right?

The streets will always be forever lit up with the Christmas Spirits while Jessica is hanging around, right?

Cold Winter, snow pouring down--well, at least the Christmas Tree will always have a pretty gift tied up with a perfect bow. Elsa's words, not mine.

As always, I wish you all a Merry Christmas or a very Happy Holiday, however you spend it. Here's to many more Christmas of fandom, fun, nerdiness, and overall enjoying life as we all see fit. Thank you all for continuing this fandom journey with me. May you all have nothing but positive things happening to you from here on out.

Until Next Time!

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