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Commission: Searching for Kaitlin Star (1)

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Kaitlin Star is missing! The search for her fellow Trooper's missing father went completely wrong and Kaitlin finds herself captured by Skugs. Held inside an isolated prison with no way to transform, Kaitlin can only hope that rescue will come soon!

The amazing GREAT-DUDE is the artist responsible for this magnificent artwork. And as usual, GD's usual perks of commissioning him are the variants!

It's amazing how different shades with the whole picture change everything and how it looks. Putting in black and white works just as well.

And here's a version without the background! Not a bad picture but the idea of the background definitely adds something to it.

So, what's next with Kaitlin Star? I guess find out next time on VR Troopers!

Until Next Time!

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