• Onyx

NECA: TMNT Leonardo

Updated: May 5, 2019

It's time for my favorite Ninja Turtle to enter the fray! That's right! Leonardo is my favorite Ninja Turtle and to have him in his live action form as an action figure is more than a treat! With all that said, let's get on to my review of the #NECA TMNT Leonardo!

The pictures on the side shown above are images of the Turtles from the movie--the action figures does a fantastic job capturing those faces that the Turtles are giving. In fact, if it wasn't for the cloth looking headbands, it's easy to mistake them as the action figures and not real life pictures of the TMNT.

And then the pic of the action figures that look so damn accurate to the source material. If I haven't mentioned it in my previous reviews of Leo's brothers, I will say it now: NECA did a fine job on these things. It's quite odd that these would be a GameStop exclusive though. A comicon exclusive is pretty understandable but a local GameStop? That's a bit different. Though Walgreens gets exclusives so I guess since GameStop is now catering to the collectors with some action figure paraphernalia in their middle shelving it does make sense. Still, would have made more sense for a Target exclusive. Oh wait, there's already TMNT Target exclusives. Those sold out real fast in my local Target.

And just like his brothers the accessories that comes with Leonardo are: two pair of hands, two alternate headband ends, a slice of pizza, and the signature weapons; for Leo's case they are a pair of katanas. And just like the other pictures, the white back drop is still filthy. Took nothing away from the action figures though so hope people don't mind it as much.