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Nier Automata: Mr. Clemp's Video series

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

If you haven't played this game, I don't know what's wrong with you.

Who is Mr. Clemps? Basically, this guy does videos about the beloved Nier series (and others) and it is worth putting here that I love his videos on Nier Automata. We are all familiar with Nier Automata, right? Or at the very least recognize 2B, right? If you're not, seriously. Go check out this game! It's quite good.

These videos are geared for people who have played the game and really want to delve into the amazing essence of Nier Automata. Yes, people, it's not just about hack and slash, pantsu, and gorgeous 2B/A2's scrumptious assets! This has some core stuff that can wrench some serious emotional roller coaster ride! Clemps breaks it down in these long but well made videos.

And if his amazing attention to Nier Automata's details (and 2B's finer details) isn't enough, his humor and innuendos are just plain hilarious that I can't help but feel intrigued every bit of the way with both the lore and the presentation. This isn't only just gaze on the finer things that 2B has to offer. Adam and Eve lovers, get ready for some hilarious commentary as well!

He also tangents off to different source materials that are connected to the Automata story; some of the said materials that he covers may not be for everyone, so it's great that he goes through the details that are necessary to paint the picture and how it connects and/or compliments the Nier Automata/the Nier series as a whole without us really having to go and dive into them.

I wish I can say more that can justify just how well these videos are done. I wish I can really say how much I appreciate the time Clemps placed on this and it's a real fun experience. Remember this post when I mentioned I wanted to do a summary and my own insight on Nier Automata? Well, it's true. The words are beyond me and I'm glad we have videos like Clemp's to help dissect the wonderful world and behind the world of Automata. Seriously, you guys need to check these videos out. They are lengthy, but through the course of me watching them, I felt as I was only sitting down for a minute with how engaging it is.

Oh, and I laughed quite a bit. Anyways!

Until Next Time!

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