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Nier Automata: Words That Are Beyond Me

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

At one point last year, I said I was going to do a review of Nier Automata. However, time took all that away and the more I spent away from that review in the works, the more and more I lost my thoughts. My words couldn't come out. But that's kind of weird considering just how thought provoking Nier Automata is. Just from the surface, it looks like another post apocalyptic world with a sexy looking and fanservice looking character as the protagonist. Just from that alone, it seems pretty shallow, but Nier Automata delivers more than just that with its story, its characters (2B and 9S, congrats!), and just its over all theme. Not to mention the gameplay is just amazing. I think one of these days I'll do another play through of Nier Automata. And for sure, I'll get a review going!

Until Next Time!

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