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Art Share: Arlen Sirushi

Updated: May 16, 2023

A GIFT from a really good friend of mine!!! FourPieces is no stranger in my page because of all his contribution within the #DiD community through #commissions and DiD_Fics. This time around, through his new craft of rendering models, he created one of my main OC, Arlen. Through his generosity, he gifted me with this amazing piece--and he DiD so with other Deviants as well! Such a wonderful and amazing person! Truly!

And, OF COURSE, Arlen does have her moments within the ropes! This little moment, is, of course, a dedication to Jessica Drew's wonderful moment! This, of course, has a few modifications. Arlen doesn't look so amused.

At any rate, truly! This was wonderful! Fours DiD this in his spare time and his own effort. He DiD so with a few nagging directing from me, mind you. People may not know this but I am pretty obstinate about my OCs! I don't use them as often but I do take care of them! Arlen especially! Thanks again for this, friend!

Until Next Time!

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