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Art Share: Tighter. Slower. Quieter.

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

I just recently watched Captain Marvel at home. When I watched it earlier this year, I thought it was mediocre at best. Now, it's no secret that there's an ongoing controversy surrounding the movie in regards to the actress' not-so-smooth speech about the demographic that should and would critic movies. I barely talked about the issues with Captain Marvel (Learning from Cpt. Marvel, Out of Frame) and I can hardly let it get in the way of my fandom. My opinion on Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel wasn't affected by Brie Larson's words. Before the movie was even a talk, I was a never a fan of Carol Danvers whether she was Ms. Marvel or Captain Marvel in the comic books. But there is one thing I want to point out: she's still an amazing #DiD worthy of some talented artists to draw. Here's a few I have collected. Enjoy!

Reptileye is not new to tying and gagging Superheroines. He is one of my favorite artists and I absolutely adore what he has contributed. The title of the art is called "Humiliated and Defeated" and isn't that the truth? Now notice something with Ms. Marvel's situation? She's bound with a golden rope that is glowing. I'll give a few guesses as to who might be responsible for that Wonder Woman, right? This isn't a straight fanart though; it's actually, more or less, a #commission from another Deviant named biblicaljaguar. As one can tell, there is a scuffed up version and a clean version that I decided to share. Though there are two more versions: a non-gagged variation. Clearly, I didn't share that but it still has #distressed and helpless look. But I'm always going to be a bigger fan of a gagged DiD-artwork, that's for sure!

DarkChaosBlack serves another contributor of #DiD. Again, another variation of her without a gag but this one is just delightful. Notice how she doesn't have her sash? From what the artist insinuates, it's the cloth that is over Carol's mouth. Well played!

I'm a big fan of gags for a lot of reasons. Quotidia's choice not to add a gag is a downer but the looks and the crotch rope is quite amazing. It's also not a usual type of bondage position but I'll take it.

This is probably one of the most unorthodox peril moment in Carol's life. But Bakart DiD an amazing job fulfilling Andrew255's #Commission. Ms. Marvel's utterly helpless to whatever the cults in Silent Hill has for her; it also seems like the might of Ms. Marvel was not enough against Pyramid Head! Such a wonderful artwork that the lack of gag is hardly-eh, maybe slightly-missed.

Captive2D is responsible for a lot of fantastic things in terms of Superheroines. Radius45 is a helper of Captive2D's DiD endeavors. Now Captive2D, from what I can tell, isn't active, at least not in #DeviantArt but in his years of being part of the community, he has contributed in ways that will always be appreciated and remembered among the #DiD/Bondage community. He is really known for really tight rope works and really big ball gags; so big that it is barely fitting inside the damsel's mouth. Also a lot of drooling. Ms. Marvel is a (un)fortunate victim of the artist's talent. Oh, Jessica Drew also joined her bestie's distressing moment though she was spared of the uncomfortable gag. Spider-Woman in distress is always a plus!

Now I know I have focused on Carol Danver's Ms. Marvel days of bondage but honestly, there really isn't too many Captain Marvel #DiD moment that I consider worthy of sharing. Skelebomb has one of her, She-Hulk, and Ms. America which is a lovely addition to Carol's gallery of bondage. Honestly, I don't really like her Captain Marvel outfit. Mar-Vell is my Captain Marvel. Carol should keep the leotard and the sash!

Ms. Marvel has some official #DiD moments in the comic book back then. Nowadays it would be a bit more difficult to make that work with the political climate we are in. but it's always nice to know that there's artists and commissioners like me that exists. Now I won't go out of my way to #commission Carol, but I do know there are others who will pull that trigger so to you, the shoe-horned overpowered heroine of the #MCU, you have a lot of gags to put in your mouth in the future!

Until Next Time!

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