• Onyx

Playarts Kai: Lightning Dissidia NT/FFXIII

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The female Cloud? Is she real? Or Just our Fantasy?

Here is the next #Playarts_Kai in my collection for this year: Dissidia NT's Lightning Playarts Kai! I've been off and on about buying this wonderful piece, but in the end, I caved in. So is she as grand as her in-game counterpart has made herself to be? Let's get to my review.

Much like the previous Playarts Kai/Final Fantasy figure(Noctis) I reviewed, Claire Farron is a 30th anniversary homage of the franchise as shown by the box. Pretty much the same idea with the nice picture of the figure and a tribute to the game this figured is based on. Since this is a Dissida product, it features said title and not FFXIII. But it does show some love for Lightning's original game at one side of the box.

More nice images of the figure on the back of the box. A lot of these promotional images I have seen before and I like how they replicate some of Lightning's famous wallpapers from FFXIII's introduction. These pics also requires stands that... well, you now, Playarts Kai doesn't have. I also had a terrible time getting the window box to show since the 'cover' of the box is far more unforgiving than Noctis'.