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Playarts Kai: FFVII R

So the #Playarts_Kai #FFVIIR is a thing and it's only now that I heard about it? Yeah, total failure on my part as a collector! Then again, I haven't been in touch w/ Playarts Kai for some time now. At any right, the youtuber, SpartanUruk does PAK reviews so check out his Youtube.

Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barrett, Reno, Rude, and Sephiroth are all confirmed though I'm really excited for Tifa and Aerith. Don't they look out of scale on that pic above though?

I'm not sure who the photographer is or if this is an official photo from Square. Regardless, it looks good. Now, I might have mentioned it once or twice before, but I love Tifa's new look. Her anatomy is just fine and the changes to her costume are just perfect because it adds more contrast between the white, the black, the red, and her skin color. Her face looks like classic Tifa... I hope the prototype isn't too far off from the final product because if they look like this, she looks amazing!

Aerith looks good too. The changes in her outfit, while very subtle (for the most part), does plenty to make her look amazing. Also, those joints!

He's definitely excited for Tifa Lockhart! Alternate heads and hair?! What?!

Playarts Kai is an expensive bunch so I don't think I can bite the bullet with two. I'm going to try. Regardless, I'm glad that we are going to get some amazing merch for #FFVII_R! Now, I just can't wait for the game.

Until Next Time!

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