• Onyx

Playarts Kai: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Gotta warp to win!

The first #Playarts_Kai review of the year and who better pave the way (Um, Terra?) than the Prince of Insomnia himself, Noctis Lucis Caelum! Been waiting for this figure since late last year; this actually came out some time back but waited a little bit to get my piece and I'm glad I did since the reissue seems to have fixed some of the flaws I was seeing in the first batch. At any rate, let's get into the review.

As with all of my reviews on this blog, let's take a look at the box that Noctis came packed in. The one thing about Playarts that I have learned through the years I have been collecting is that they are in the high end arena--to put it simply, they are like an amalgamation of #Figma and #HotToys (using the term Hot Toy loosely). I will talk about the figure in regards to that comparison, but as far as their box, they have that expensive and very artistic box, but it gives you a window, very import feeling design. It's a Final Fantasy XV Playarts Kai; I know that's obvious, but I will have a few Playarts Kai that are Final Fantasy related on the horizon that are not meant for their respective titled Final Fantasy (Dissidia NT, if that drops a hint).

Noctis is going to be the only purchase from this wave that I'm going to go through, I think. As I mentioned, price point wise, they're not cheap and I don't like Gladious, Prompto, and Ignis that much.

Here is the window box I am talking about. I won't be able to show off the bio since the box doesn't open very well without having to force it, which in turn, will break the box. Playarts Kai's boxes I keep for future storage for the figures in the event I have to transport them, so yeah, this is what you get. I'm sure people who read my review aren't going in my page for the box of the figure.

As far as accessories go, you van look at it in two ways: for the ones we get, they are really well done and the other way is: we are lacking some serious accessories for a price point as high as Playarts Kai. The swords he comes with are intricately detailed. I am impressed with both his Engine Blade and The Sword of the Father's sculpting; from the hilt, to their unique designs, to the added features that are only found on each blade, they are both given so much care and attention that it's hard not to admire them.

Again, great contrast between the silver and the dark blade. It's easy to miss some of the details when not fully looking at the weapons up close. Not much else to other than I am enamored with these weapons. The other side of my opinion about his accessories is the lack of. Missed opportunities with special effects to replicate warping (or a phasing weapon), and also, Playarts Kai has never ben good with providing alternate faces and Noctis needs one. Not only to simulate certain expressions, but the red eyes for his summoning would have be a nicely put homage to his in-game shenanigans.