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Playarts Kai: Terra Brandford (preorder)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

This seriously just happened! Thanks to BigBadToyStore for this wonderful notification via email, I am elated to announce that one of my all time favorite Final Fantasy heroine is entering the fray of my Playarts Kai line up! I cannot wait!

Dissidia NT, or just the series in general has produced more than enoguh following to have Playarts Kai mold some iconic Final Fantasy characters that we would never have seen 'come to life' prior to the game's release! With Terra Branford's addition to the Playarts Kai realm, I am hopeful to see some of the other obscure Final Fantasy characters join the fray! Now if only Rikku would join the Dissidia line up, then we'll have a big chance of getting her into a Playarts Kai! Well, that's it for this exciting news!

Until next time!

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