• Onyx

Playarts KAI: Terra Branford FFVI/Dissidia NT

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

"Trust in me!"

Oh man! Been waiting for this action figure for a LONG time! Finally I got the chance to pose her around and take pics! So here we are with Playarts Kai's Terra Branford as she appears in Dissidia NT (her character design is of course, highly inspired by Yoshitaka Amano's original design). I won't delay! Let's get on with the toy review!

Marketed as a Dissidia action figure, this #Playarts_Kai of Terra fits the mold of your typical packaging when it comes to this toy line. It has that dark and ominous clouds wrapping around all sides while the front is, of course, decorated with a promotional shot of the actual toy. I do enjoy Playarts Kai's packaging, but it won't kill the toy line if they are not as grand as they make it. Still, as long as the action figure inside has protection, then the box/packaging has done its job. But it doesn't really hurt to have the figure to be as decorated as it is.

The other portion has Terra's name and the numbered title she came from. Terra Branford belongs to one of the best of the franchise's main numbered series: Final Fantasy VI.

The back of the box shows more promotional pictures of the figure with some credits and warning labels.