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Playarts: Rikku X-2 (Tara Strong Autograph)

This a different post about a figure I have owned (multiple too, mind you) for some time now but it just got a 'level-up'. I was in town for #Sacanime and I was able to catch Rikku's original (and only) English Voice Actress, Tara Strong. It was very brief but I was able to squeeze in a question (the insight from the gal herself in regards to my question was pretty hilarious), an autograph, and a picture.

I'm glad she used a very bright pen that would allow us to see her writing. I'm glad I at least kept one MIB. It gave this one a bit more 'sentiment'. It's not just a background anymore--it actually has far more significance.

Just a different angle to see the blue autograph.

My happy face!

A bit of a head-up for those who plan on catching Tara Strong at her next convention: more than likely, she's going to have a busy line so plan on being there at least 30 min before the announced time. Be prepared for her line to be stopped and get the word to come back later when the line somewhat decreased. Also, her price is pretty straight-forward.

Worth the price and the time? It was definitely something I'm glad I was able to do so the verdict is yes. If she comes around your neighborhood and you haven't had the chance to meet her, I recommend for sure. I'm happy.

Until Next Time!

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