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POP: Asuka Soryu Langley

This is a #POP I have been waiting for for some time now. From one of my favorite animes of all time: Asuka Soryu Langley of the (original) Neon Genesis Evangelion! Let's check out this fiery redhead under the style of #Funko POP!

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one hell of an anime--and that's an understatement. I love it for all its awkward times and all its fantastic moments. Of course, I hate the living daylights out of Shinji--and every character has their moments which makes you question if there is really something worth saving in the world. It was a slow burn in the beginning but when Asuka came in, we start really getting into Anime tropes and (young) waifu moments! I'm not going to describe every moment of the anime but when it wasn't bonkers or just complete mind f@ck, we had the lovely tsundere Asuka berating Shinji and/or the other characters. I do adore every moment she was in since she just stole the show--both through her rambunctious self or just the way she was so capable (most of the time). Though it is Neon Genesis Evangelion--the lovely Eva Pilot isn't without her major flaws.

I like the design of the box. Also, I'm probably going to pass on the rest of the #POPs on this series unless they come out with Unit 02 and/or Mari.

I like the designs of the plugsuit. They're simple but they have enough little quirks about them that make them sleek and stylish. Though while Rei's and Shinji's were subtle and had their own niche design, Asuka's plugsuit came in loud and grand--like a red racing car one can spot a mile away going 100 mph. And by all means, it took my attention--Asuka took my attention with both her design and her -loud- personality. Ever since then, I have been nothing but a fan of the feisty redhead! And this is why I adore this #POP so much! Just from the aspect of the posture alone, it is definitely Asuka! She has her hands on her hips--one leg slightly sticking out more, truly acting with that sass with the personality we are all familiar with in terms of Asuka. Even without facial expressions, I can almost Asuka in her POP form asking Shinji: "What are you, Stupid?!" Needless to say, way to go on this one, Funko!

The sculpt is on par with what one can expect from Funko--basically, not bad at all and I'm happy with it. There are some gaps that are more noticeable with her hair; something I have seen with some other POPs and I honestly don't mind it.

Asuka is the only pilot that wears her Plugsuit hairpiece and Funko stays loyal to that. Her POP form also stays loyal to her hairstyle which is, mostly free but with a bit of anime'ish flares. One thing that Funko definitely nailed is the colors. The red, the black, and that auburn/orange hair is what Asuka is well known for and I think her POP version does the Eva Pilot justice!

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with this POP. The moment I saw this, I knew I was going to cave in. I'm glad the final product is just as impressive. With all of that, it's more than obvious that I recommend this gal to any POP collector! I'm not sure if they are going to dish out any more Asuka POPs, but if this is the only one, I'm pretty happy with it!

Until Next Time!

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