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Pop Up Parade Nier: Automata ver 1.1a 2B (Preview)

This is a beautiful 2B figurine that I'll keep my eye on. Regardless if I own it or not, let's just take a quick glimpse of what this has to offer, shall we?

First, that pose is something else. I don't think I need to go any further than talk about every positioning of her sword, her free hand, and the implied quick movement causing her skirt to move about. Though I won't be surprised if there are some swappable heads, hands, and weapons--though I'm sure that will increase the price point.

The details of her outfit seem to be present here with this prototype and I'm all for it. It also looks like the coloring is going to stay true to make cloth and leather looking different.

I'll most likely pull the trigger for a preorder. It's got all the boxes checked for an amazing 2B figurine. Will keep an eye out. Tracking to release around Q2 next year, so somewhere in May or something.

Until Next Time!

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