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RE 2 Remake: Claire MODS...

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Wait, what?

Since I'm a console gamer, I don't have the luxury of MODs in any game I play. Okay, maybe the Skyrim remaster, but all in all, I'm stuck with vanilla games. While all in all I'm still enjoying my time with my games, there are moments when I see something and I can't help but wonder...what if? What if I can play those games with the modifications some of these geniuses make. Or maybe, for the BDSM Claire, it's probably a good thing that I don't because I'll just continue to die terrible deaths.

Need I say that these are from the NEXUS MODS community. Check their site out. They are a bunch of incredible and creative thinkers.

I try not to post things like this as much since it goes over a bit of a boundary (though I have no problems with things like this, mind you). I tend to keep my page under a certain rating but hey, I couldn't restrain myself from showing this one off. And I'm sure 'restrained' is something Claire is VERY familiar with. I don't mean to make terrible puns but the floor is open for such! DrSlumpX is responsible for this awesome MOD. Thank you for making perverts like me have something to talk about!

Shame we can't have a gag-talk in these mods. Just check out the video gameplays out there. They look nice but... weird how she can talk so well with a ball gag on.

Until Next Time!

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