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RIP Akira Toriyama

04.05.55 - 03.01.24

Dragonball. Chrono Trigger. That's all that's needed to be said, right? Akira Toriyama was worth more than those two franchises I mentioned. I can only speak about his accomplishments within the fandom--which, on its own is no small feat. Just the mention of Dragonball alone--the anime that inspired many, ME included.

Who can say that they don't know Dragonball? Son Goku? The Super Saiyajin saga? The blonde transformation, the loud screaming and charging up so one can throw a gigantic fireball? The world of Dragonball and beyond is timeless and we have Akira Toriyama to thank for the whole lot of it!

Then there is Chrono Trigger. And while the legendary JRPG from the makers of Final Fantasy isn't the only game he dabbled in, it is safe to say that Chrono Trigger also has its fair share of inspiration. The aesthetics from Toriyama along with the story, the music, and the greatness of Chrono Trigger can never be undone.

The year of the Dragon is when he went above. Thank you for everything, Toriyama. The Fandom community thank you. I wish nothing but for those who are close to him, may you all find peace in the notion that he touched so many for generations and many more decades coming.

See You Next Time...

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