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RIP Kevin Conroy

11.30.55 - 11.10.22

A sad day. The voice of Batman for the past two decades passed away. It's no secret that I consider the Batman The Animated Series as one of the all-time greats. It definitely helped my fandom in more ways than one and to have this guy lead the way and then the same icon moving on to voice the Dark Knight in so many other media--well, no doubt that today is definitely a somber day.

Not only was he a great voice of Batman, but based on the many opinions and experiences of fans and peers alike, he was a great man. I never had the honor of meeting him but I can honestly honor him and his memory--his legacy, the passion, and the love for the character and the fans. My condolence to his family, his loved ones, and all his close friends. May you, indeed, rest in peace.

See You Next Time...

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