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RIP Sean Connery

08.25.1930 - 10.31.2020

Here we are with another one of these. 2020. Mr. Connery is not the actor that I would say I am the biggest fan of, however, I will say that the movies he did have that I watched, I terribly enjoyed. He had that voice, that presence, and the very classy look to him that would have made him flexible for any roles that he was in.

His role as James Bond is probably one of his iconic roles--he was the first James Bond as far as I know, and even though most of those movies were before my years of being a 007 casual fan, I will say that I understand the impact he left behind. Again, such a passing... this year, and the day.

Regardless, my condolence to those close to him. And to those who treasure his legacy far more than I.

See You Next Time.....

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