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RIP Stan Lee

12.28.1922 - 11.12.2018

Stan Lee passed away today. He needs very little introduction considering that he is the face of Marvel in some ways. I won't get into the controversy, but needless to say, he is and always will be the ONE of the biggest inspiration for every True Believers out there.

During the times when the Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor) were not juggernauts of the Movie Industry, Spider-Man was his biggest creation. And despite the fact that Shellhead, Cap, and Thor may have overshadowed Spidey in some ways, I can't take away the fact that Spider-Man was his creation that truly inspired me.

I have that card somewhere!

And as the years have gone by, I came to recognized and familiarize myself with the other amazing characters that he created/helped create. A world full of Marvels. A world that is beyond reality. He may not have been the first, nor was he the sole creator of some of these spectacular characters and the world they live in, but he was, he is, on more ways than one, a pivotal part of the Marvel Universe---And the Comic Book World as a whole.

Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. May you be reunited with the ones that you love. Fans like me will always remember the amazing things that you brought into our world.

See You Next Time.

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