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SEGA: Rider Fate/Stay Night [Heaven's Feel]

Time to dive back into the Fate universe! This time around we're going to review a figure from the new take of the Fate Stay Night series, Heaven's Feel--something I have yet to see! Well with that gripe out of the way, let's get into the figure itself starting with the packaging!

This box is huge and awkward. Like, HUGE. Doesn't look like it here but it does take quite a space. It reminds me of Figma Elsa where the box is so much bigger than the action figure itself--but it's not because of an accessory that makes this box huge, not necessarily. It's the angle of the figurine and the posture.

I really need to stop putting these because it has no real relevance to my review because I don't understand any of it other the 'directions' and 'SEGA'.

Here's how she comes disassembled. Morbid looking but it somewhat summarizes Medusa's role throughout the Fates I have seen with her.

And there's the base and its claim coming from the "Heaven's Feel" series. Something I haven't but WANT to see!

I'll also mention that a landscape based posture for this figurine really does take me out of my usual norm in regards to angle and layout. Which is fine. But she does look really good just right off the get-go.

I love the pose. She's VERY dynamic! And Medusa has a lot to show when she's in in an action moment! With her weapons drawn and a pose implying that she is charging forward, Medusa is ready to strike with her daggers, held close and imposing, all the while her chains are flying behind her form her abrupt and fast movement. Her long purple hair is also flowing behind her as she charges forward with conviction. Of course, ever so gratuitous certain angles!

This his a nice shot! One can see.... great details and movement done to her hair!

Medusa's design isn't the most complicating compared to other Fate gals, but let me just point out that her intricacies lies in the way artists/sculptors must consider her hair, her weapons, and the little details that are still present. SEGA really made sure that those details are cared for and it's appreciated--just the way her hair flows like they're dancing against the wind is something! The chains on her daggers also adds a bit of spectacle, enhancing the drama of the action pose. Then her outfit is also sculpted well. Every contrasting burgundy strapping or what not is a sculpt, adding more contrast to the otherwise not too dynamic design. The wrinkles on her skirt is also well done.

The paint job is not too entirely impressive--though not terrible, but definitely could have had one more added care to make Medusa stand out a bit more. Especially on her hair since that is one of her main stand out features. There are some paint blemishes on my piece, especially on her blindfold. Other than that though, it's not too bad. It's an even contras of her dark colors with her fair skin, and the logo on her forehead is sharply done.

Some extra wash on the daggers would make it a bit more special, but cost would hike up for sure.

There is that slight mishap on my piece with the hair, but again, shading or the sort would have done some wonders. Worth the price hike though? Not sure

And here we get to see the wrinkle details..... it's nicely sculpted.

And here is SEGA Medusa next to FuRyu Rin Tohsaka. I swear if they give Rin a [Heaven's Feel] statue, I'd get it.

For the most part, #SEGA makes statues that goes in line with #Banpresto and #Bandai so for the most part I know what I'm going into. All three of those I dip into have their pros and cons against and with each other. I was hoping to get a little more from SEGA since they were doing Medusa, but I got an above average figurine. I like it a lot and it's a character I adore so I can highly recommend her. She's quite dynamic in pose and she definitely is a bit more different pose-wise compared to the rest of my haul this year.

Until Next Time!

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