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Spider-Man 2: Into the Gameverse

Well, let's get into some Spider-Man 2 shenanigans, shall we? I won't be putting too much spoiler material here and the majority of the images I will be posting mostly lean on the absolute fun the photo mode provides. With that said, let's get into this post and my hours of fun with Spider-Man 2! Let's go!

This meme!!!! Perfect! I'm also going wild with what outfits I am picking for some of these pictures so be prepared for some variety. Certain suits will get featured more since they are going to be my favorites.

Speaking of favorites....

Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, makes a return and oh my, her face model ain't looking too bad. Something about her previous one I like more but maybe I haven't seen enough of her. Also, she's got some minor updates on her threads but she looks good all in all!

Magic is also involved. Yes, Dr. Strange is in the house. Long story.

Speaking of LONG story... what about Mary Jane Watson. She's got a lot to do with Spider-Man's long history, doesn't she? Also, I prefer the Spider-Man I render. For some reason, this one looks odd at times. She's also totally a damsel. No, not really. But felt like rendering something for kicks.

You'll also get the opportunity to play as her and it's a chore. The side characters and/or "NPC missions" are just not what I want in a Spider-Man game.

Also, that might be a spoiler alert so I apologize!

And what is this? A Jessica Drew reference?! Yes, that's right! She gets one. Open-world games usually have collectibles and Spider-Man 2 is no exception. Both Peter and Miles have to find these Spiderbots that reeks of Spiderverse implications. But going to focus on Jessica Drew's reference because!

One of my favorite suit for Miles!

Superior Spider-Man?!

Difference suits, fantastic photo mode, a very interesting take on the Spider-Man mythos, and amazing gameplay! This game has it all and I'm very addicted to this game! I may be posting more things that just, more or less, shows more shenanigans from the photo mode! But I'm not ashamed of it! With that said, that's all I got.

Until Next Time!

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