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Spider-Woman: Variant covers

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

There's a big push happening right now on Spider-Woman from Marvel--I can only imagine that it has something to do with a cinematic appearance, perhaps?

In order to do such push, Marvel Comics are doing some pretty nifty variant covers to some of their comic book titles featuring Jessica Drew in it; wearing her original and SUPERIOR outfit too, nonetheless!

She's siding with some pretty popular characters too like Deadpool, so that's a big marketing push!

Definitely my favorite!

The art style and caliber are all over the place but none are terrible by any means! If I had the room, I would have bought these for my wall! I definitely can say that I will try and find some of these in the wild.


Not sure what the status quo of Hulk is these days, but the two Hulk covers look pretty darn good! I wonder if Joe-Fix-It is back in the game?

I love who casual she is just crouching on top of Thor--who looks pretty amazing in his new duds!

And then there's Spider-Woman and Venom. Always wanted and wished for this team up/battle for a long time!

Future variant cover above! Would LOVE to see this show down! Jess deserves to get a punch, a venom blast, and a total revenge time on Veranke!

Now I'm not sure how much this will help push her popularity since comic books are not the big market like they were. One thing is certain, Kevin Feige is responsible for all things Marvel last I heard. Also, when a character is getting pushed like this, new series launch or not, it means something BIG. I know that the "Spider-Family" is under the Sony banner... but Jessica Drew is kind of in the gray area, me thinks. I'm just hoping that if this is for Spiderverse's Spider-Women movie that we keep Jessica Drew front and center; AND keep her original duds as original as possible. Don't screw her up again, MARVEL! At any rate, glad these exists! I've always felt that Spider-Woman's intrigue was lost on this world--now I really hope that it is enough (#Frozen2 twist, mind you!).

Until Next Time!

PS--Don't think we'll get a redo of her with a certain furniture and a werewolf, much to my dismay!

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