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Square Enix Minimum Collection: FFX-2 Gullwings (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Now these pieces are unique. I have a lot of misc toylines in my collection so Square Enix's Minimum Collection of the Gullwings is not out of place. They're even more at home considering how much of a fan I am of FFX/FFX2. With that said, let's take a look at this!

Comes in a nice packaging with the awesome official art of #Tetsuya_Nomura. The window pacakging also gives us a view of 'what you see is what you get'.

The back of the packaging is foreign to me so I can't go in depth with it. I'm not sure if there are others in the line but, there ya go!

Guns for Yuna, a sword for Paine, and of course, Rikku's signature daggers are the accessories we get. Each weapon fits the 'cute' and 'stylized' theme and they are all out of proportion in relation to their respectable owners (especially Rikku's daggers).

And since Yuna is the main character of FFX and FFX-2, let's start with her.

For how small these figures are, the details are still there. Yuna's Gunner Dressphere is pretty complicated, and this Minimum version of her tried to catch all the little intricate details of her outfit. Even her heterochromia is present.

Rather impressive for what it is.

Next in the mix is Paine. Now she is my least favorite character of the Gullwings. While she has all the traits for me to be drawn to her, for some reason, I just didn't find myself resonating with Paine. Still, her design is nice and for some, she could be the most attracting out of the three.

It is definitely Paine's costume design that make her tolerable. She has that 'dark/gothic' look to her and she has awesome hair! This figure does a fine job putting all those details and color scheme in one small package.

For anyone who is a fan of Paine can appreciate what they put in here.

Need I mention how much I adore this Al Bhed? She is my top pick entry for character wishlist in Dissidia NT, I commission her a lot, AND I love her voice actress (#Tara_Strong). Oh, and I also think she is the sexiest of the three.

There's no denying that Rikku's thief Dressphere serves as fanservive and a bit impractial. I'll admit that I love it for all those reasons. Say what you will, but this figure does retain a LOT of those details and erratic design. They even stayed true to her spiral green eyes, that crazy hairdo, AND look at the bicolored scarf!

The paint details are sharp and the color scheme are spot on. The details are all there and as a #Rikku fan, I appreciate that. Though she has 'Sqex' tagged on her back for some reason. I didn't see that on the other Gullwings.

Just to drive the point: I am a Rikku fan. She doesn't have a lot of merchandise (unfortunately), but the ones I have, I adore. Here is Rikku's Minimum version next to her Mini Trading Arts and Playarts.

Is this for everyone? Definitely not. Is this a neat addition to my Final Fantasy collection? Yes. I see these as a distant cousin of Minimates, a toyline that I used to collect a lot. WIth some good attention to detail, virbant and true to character paint jobs, and with the lack of FFX-2 merchandise out there, this can be a 'must-have' for FFX-2 fans. I like these and definitely adore them for what they are! That's about it!

Until next time!

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