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Static Arts: A2 (News)

Well, it certainly has been Nier's resurgence, eh? With the 2017 game being released on Nintendo Switch (with fantastic new outfits too) this October 2022, one would think the good news stops there! Actually, not really. The Static Arts A2 is now on reissue and being released again and will be out in the wild by ~September 2023!

With how much I love the Static Arts 2B statue, it's going to be a no-brainer that I must have this gorgeous Android counterpart of Nier Automata. And while I am not a bigger fan of A2 right next to 2B, it is definitely easy to say that this haggard and bitter Android does have her merits and I do adore her.

And like 2B, she does come with a variant version. One can purchase either or separately or in one bundle. Check out BigBadToyStore for the details. But as for me, yes I will be trying to get my hands on her. She definitely deserves a spot on my shelf! Will definitely keep things updated on my blog in the future.

Until Next Time!

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