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Static Arts: Tifa Lockhart (Wall Market Dress)

She's here too! Tifa is here! I know, right? Static Arts getting a second attention this year! And another FFVII hottie. Well, it's a fan favorite familiar face from a very influential game. And both Static Arts preorders wanted to clear all at the same time so it was Final Fantasy VII goodness That and the fact that it's her bday this month! All the stars lined up! It's Tifa Lockhart month!

I really am surprised by the lack of flare with Static Arts' box. Probably one of the imports in mind that don't give as much effort into the packaging. Now there's a window and the box is 'sturdier' like most imports, so there's that. Not at all a fan but the box isn't what I get a figurine for anyways so I'm not going to subtract points now.

The promotional picture of the figurine is nice for sure. But I have seen that in every website that sells her so the novelty wore off some time back.

Now let's talk about the figurine itself and the character! Tifa's dress is definitely going to turn heads. The Remake also did some wonderful things which is how we got this Static Arts. And while I'm not saying Tifa didn't pull the other dresses off, there was just something about this purple one that keeps it grounded and sexy. The Remake also didn't hold back on putting their small and subtle spin on the dress. The details that you couldn't get with the 1997 graphics, FFVII Remake made sure it got right. They also made sure that the sexiness that the original FFVII implied is now well accentuated. As far as the Static Art version of her, well, she's a beautiful thing for sure.

While Tifa Lockhart is definitely wearing less clothing, the clothing she does has some details like wrinkles and such. The short skirt looks flouncy, reacting to her 'movements'. The intricacies of her dress, the trinkets, the sequin lining, and every other fashion flare that I probably can't name that the Remake brought in for Tifa's grand HD arrival--it's basically all there and it looks pretty damn good. I love the way the trinkets hang around her body and the straps really hugs her body. Her shoes also matches quite well with the same amount of attention to the detail. All of that really works well with Tifa's posture. She's got that sexy walk going on with her hands behind her back--when a gal does that, yeah it's almost all over. While Tifa may act all innocent, she knows what she has and the outfit she wore for Don Corneo really pokes at that. Sure she didn't have a lot of time to be all seductive and playful while in that outfit, but the cute moment she had with Cloud, I'd say the way they sculpted Tifa to stand, it really doesn't feel out of place for Ms. Lockhart for sure. I definitely appreciate the work put in this area, for sure.

The leaning, hands behind, and that head tilt.

The sculpt work done to her hair isn't as grand as Tifa's flower girl counterpart. Considering that Tifa's hairstyle is usually 'flat' and straight, I'd say there isn't much to complain much with the way it's done. Just noticed that she undid her 'fish tail'. Also the way her hair falls between her fingers is a nice detail. The hands behind the back though.

As far as the choice of plastic color and, the paint job, I'd say they did a pretty good job. The skin looks good--organic. The dress definitely looks like that dark purple that we see in the game. There's some small shading on the hem of (really short) skirt and there are some subtle things here and there. All in all, it's not a complicated color scheme and it's executed well. Though I do think there's something slightly off with her face (more on that), but it's not a terrible paint job since it still looks like Tifa Lockhart--just certain angles and close up really makes me question why Square Enix can't just license their IPs. But that's going to be me ranting so moving then, shall we? All in all, they got this area down so I'm not complaining all that much.

Really, that walk is going to get some serious heads turning! Picking Tifa wouldn't be a loss for Don Corneo, that's for sure!

The face, is once again, not terrible. The way her signature hair frames her face really sells the classic Tifa layers. The paint on the face, specifically the eyes, really gives an odd 'dead' look when looking at certain angles. It doesn't reflect well with light, which makes pictures hard with the way my set up is. Again, not terrible, but definitely noticeable.

Love those wrinkles on the skirt and the way the dress just hugs her body.

The 'belt' with the floral designs. And seriously, look at those wrinkles on her skirt and on the bustier of the dress!

Again, the hands behind pose! It does wonders! Oh, and Tifa has more decency by wearing boy shorts under there! She knows she's going to be kicking random encounters to get to the next level.

The base isn't something to be impressed about but it does its job. Her shoes got the same kind of love as the rest of her outfit though. It's a simple looking design but it's got its own flare to really match up with her dress.

Here is Static Arts Tifa Lockhart next to Static Arts Aerith Gainsborough. Yeah, they look good together, that's for sure! While Aerith's got more details thanks to nature of her dress, but Tifa still looks amazing. The picture shows the height difference between the two. All in all, they both look good right next to each other.

Tifa Lockhart's Static Arts is by no means a disappointment. Sure the face is really my biggest gripe...well, and the price. But that's something very common with Square Enix products; their price doesn't always match up with what they deliver but a lot of us pay because that's all we get with Final Fantasy characters. But she's got a good sculpt, a perfect pose, details that is more than passable, and a paint job that isn't terrible by any means. I don't get a lot of Square's merchandise for a reason but when I do, at least I can go away with a good time. Perfect? No. But worth the while if you've got the budget and the proper expectations.

Until Next Time!

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