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Play(STATIC)Arts: Tifa & Aerith (News)

I made a mistake on a BLOG POST in regards to a #PlayartsKai Aerith. Seems that there is a separate figure coming out under the umbrella of "Static Arts". Basically, it's Square's statue line.

Let's take a look at Aerith.... which is a statue that I had already taken a look at before! Again, it was when I assumed that the Playarts Kai and this lovely statue are one and the same. But I was wrong! I'm very happy that they're a actually two different things because lately, Playarts Kai have been pricey AND quality control lacks. Now I'm not 100% sure that Static Arts are going to escape Square Enix's (common) quality control debacle, but I'm willing to give it a try. It's going to be a painful trial and error if it ends up being the usual not-so-satisfying result since Aerith over here is quite PRICEY--as much as a Playarts Kai, mind you.

It's easy to mention just how #DiD-y her pose is. I think there are implications that the community want too delve into. Hoping the prototype and mass market release are VERY close to each other in terms of details and quality.

Okay this was the new product that got me to see the error in my ways in regards to the Playarts Kai and Static Arts existence. And I shouldn't be surprised that they came out with Tifa not too long after they announced Aerith. I mean, come on now! FFVII-R did a fine job with the gals' remake dresses that it had to be done! Tifa and Aerith are cornerstone FF ladies and to give Square a reason to put out more product of them should be a no brainer. Still don't understand why they don't license them with someone like #Kotobukiay or something. They'd make gold, honestly.

ANDDD.... once again that pose is just asking for it! I mean, look at that! Lots of sexy appeal and I am hoping that the prototype translates well towards the mass produced one that I will be holding.

Well, I preordered them through Sideshow and won't be getting them until next year (2022! Wow). Pretty excited and at this moment, I'm set in stone in getting these lovelies! Will continue to update as more info comes.

Until Next Time!

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