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The Direction: Patreon

::The Victorious Vixens::

Patreon is a pretty prominent website that a lot of artists use these days. Artists who draw, who write, vloggers, bloggers, teachers, etc. I wanted to jump in on the fun and not because I'll make huge amount of money or anything like that, it's basically the same few reasons I listed out in my Kofi Direction post. I want to break it down a bit as to what is going on towards that end of the my personal web.


My Patreon account will be dedicated to #DiD literature, both fan fiction and OC related that I have accumulated in the past. Some I haven't even posted anywhere, not even in my gh0st-of-Ronin_DeviantArt. Just like my contribution in the DiD community through my paid #commissions, I try to enrich said community by adding some of my writing in there. Any help I get from Patreon will greatly increase the chance of me being able to do more commissions and accomplish what I have stated in my Kofi post--like being able to hire higher caliber artists, more paid artwork and more frequently, variations, etc. Becoming a Patron, here is what to expect:

  • Most of what will be in my Patreon will be DiD Fics. No brainer, right?

  • There are two Tiers($2 and $4) that are quite affordable. Both tiers will allow access to some exclusive DiD Fics but the $4 tier will give a patron the weight to influence what I will write next (of course I have to be able to know the material).

  • I have an ongoing project that will most likely be released every Saturday and Sunday. It's the OC project called "The Suitcase". Story driven and bondage driven literature that spawns from some ideas that never came to fruition.

  • I have commissioned plenty of DiD artwork from a plethora of talented artists. Those same pictures will spawn more than a few DiD Fics. Depending on my mood and depending on the season will dictate which Damsel will be Distress under my 'pen'. Of course the $4 patrons, as I have mentioned before, can heavily influence which damsel in my commissioned gallery will be given the treatment.

Again, any donation I receive will literally just go back to the piggy bank of commissioning. I will keep pouring into that and the more I get, the more I can get some of these commissions going. I have an extensive list and there is an idea after all. With that said, here's to the future and more lovely damsels left untied!

Until Next Time!

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