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The Direction: Ko-fi


Greetings. I figured it's that time to start talking about my plans from here. While it's basically going to be the same in regards to Masterless.Me, there is an added area that I feel must get a little bit of attention. So, without further adieu, let's go.


Let's start with the obvious! I still have my Ko-Fi account! My Ko-Fi is simply there for anyone willing to pitch in to my cause. What's the cause? It's pretty obvious that I do a lot to contribute to the #DiD community with both my commissions and my writing--well, as of right now it's mostly my #commissions. Commissions, for anyone who aren't aware, cost money. With aid with my commissions I am able to do a lot more things that I usually don't have the means to such as:

  • Helps me hire higher caliber artists more often! Higher caliber artists mean higher quality artwork. Some of the more popular DiD artists, or just artists in general will be easier to hire with less worry about funds!

  • I'll have more freedom to commission artwork with background. Backgrounds in a commission can sometimes tell the story. It can enhance the idea of what is going on with the art. Gives the commission more context if there is a setting that can be physically seen.

  • I can have more leeway to add variations in a commission. Different style of rope? Different style of gag? Different clothing? Different expression? Weapon? All of that can be done in one picture but the same 'concept' or pose.

  • I can commission more, and MORE often. Isn't that the grand idea? For me to be able to commission more in one picture and more pictures in less time without losing quality because I go for the bargain artist (no offense to the bargain artists, of course)?

  • The more people contribute, the more I can run #DiD commission polls. This is probably where most contributors get their free will and their choices of Damsels (or none-damsels, who knows?). Characters who have yet or have barely seen the light of day, given the chance for some commission spotlight thanks to the contribution and generosity of fellow DiD lovers/ fellow nerds.


Last but not least, the main reason why I created my Ko-fi was to generate some funds to get my "Victorious Vixens" project going. Here is the BLOG POST that explains what I plan on doing with my main four gals from the ever so beautiful omniverse that we fans and creators have created.

So with that said, I do hope to get a little more traction. Being able to get more help on the upcoming months for some commissions will be fantastic! Imagine, for anyone who donates, it's only an equivalent of $3 and you'll get a fantastic picture! If anyone donates, please email me in this blog and let me know your email address so I can confirm! You'll get a higher resolution image of a commissioned picture that you want and maybe a bit more later down in the future. So that's it for now.

Until Next Time!

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