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Toy Fair 2019: Bishoujo

Kotobukiya thankfully was not absent from Toy Fair this year. Truth to be told, I think they showed off more attracting (to me) collectibles this year than last. Obviously when I talk about Kotobukiya, I 99.5% mean #Bishoujo. With that set, let's see what this series has to offer us! And once again, I am sharing pictures from Toyark who covered the event! So, without further adieu, let's get right in!

First let's talk obscure for me. I'm not a GI Joe fan. I'd say those cartoons (those as in Transformers and GI Joe) back then I found more joy with Transformers. But I do love me some Bishoujo sexy Scarlet! Not going to lie that I'm really tempted with her and Baroness. But let's see if I actually pull the triggers on buying it.

I've definitely talked about the MLP Bishoujos that are coming out more than once and how I'm going to be buying these Equestria girls. I definitely gained a liking for MLP and I'm a heavy enough fan to say that I want a sexy-fied Twilight Sparkle in my Bishoujo line up. Or any of the ponies for that matter. And to see some actual product shot that isn't prettied up for a photoshoot sets in stone that I want these. Now don't get me wrong, these are prototypes but from my experience, prototypes and final product from Kotobukiya's Bishoujo line isn't too far. In fact, there are very few to NONE when it comes to the difference. So these are pretty faithful to what we are going to be getting.

Again, it's quite odd that we are getting Pinkie Pie first, but oh well. I do love her in the cartoon. She is just adorably hilarious. Come on, the Pony-Pokie? Anyone?

Let's talk Marvel, eh? While I didn't expect a Domino Bishoujo at all, I'm not surprised that they decided to. Domino's popularity gained a small spike since her 'appearance' in the Deadpool 2 movie (one that I don't naturally gravitate toward). Since then we have gained a few Domino related merchandise and I'm all for it. Domino is one of my favorite female characters especially her run with Wolverine's black ops X-Force. Admittedly my favorite look for her is the short haired, spiked, and all black look. She was definitely ya treat when she had her fling with Wolverine and I won't say I'm not disappointed that they went with her current look but HEY, it's a Domino freaking Bishoujo so I am extremely happy! She will look quite amazing right next to my Spider-Woman Bishoujo.

You know what else is fantastic? A DARK PHOENIX BISHOUJO!!! Some odd years ago I missed a Bishoujo Phoenix that at this current day and age cost an arm. Obviously I have to pass with that price point since that's a #HotToy price. Luckily, Kotobukiya is kind enough to rerelease her with their 2.0 trend. I wonder if there will be effects that will come along with her and/or the other versions of her (they have to do the green, right?). Regardless, she's a must and she will be preordered as soon as she drops!

Speaking of 2.0 releases.... Wow. Catwoman looks amazing! The combination of a good product and a good camera makes for a good picture like this. Definitely not going to regret her! And DC is getting another 2.0 (or Returns) like Poison Ivy. I passed on the original version of her since I didn't think that was a must, and still don't. I want to see where this new one goes to and what version of Ivy they go with. But Poison Ivy is one of those characters that only stuck with me because of her Animated Series appearance otherwise I pass up on her. We'll see though since Bishoujo has a way to just knock on my wallet. From the looks of the silhouette, they're going to pay homage to the original but give a new spin. Something I can really dig.

AND before I close up, I just want to say that a cute gal in a short skirt will ALWAYS catch my attention. I have no connection with the Shazam family but Mary Marvel is pretty darn attracting in Bishoujo form. Also, fun fact, she's one of the pioneer damsels who have a weakness for being bound and gagged, believe it or not. AT ANY RATE! Thanks again to Toy Ark for the cover. It seems that Kotobukiya is stepping up for this year and it's only February! Who knows what they will bring for Comic-con or any other big event? Elated.

And of course, gotta share ShartimusPrime's coverage!

Until Next Time!

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