• Onyx

Toy News 2018 (2)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Well, it's the second day of Toy Fair! As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to be nit picking news from sources I follow to touch on the toy lines I collect. So obviously, let's get into Shartimus Prime's quick Marvel Legends insight:

Right off the get go I'm going to say that the Apocalypse BAF set is going to be mine. Have to have that Psylocke, you know? Also, since I skipped out on the Hulkbuster BAF from way back when, I'm probably going to get that 2-pack of Hulkbuster vs possessed Hulk. We get another glimpse of some future Marvel Legends; especially really interested in the Spider-Man wave 2; probably will get that as well. The Venom, I'm skeptic, but I do want that Scream. Again, lots of great products coming from Hasbro's side of things! Thank you, Shartimus for this video!

Toyark News

Now as far as the other news, I'm going to be pulling from Toyark from their Toy Fair coverage. Lots of great stuff from them, so anyone coming across this, do check out their page. All these photos are credit to them! Links are on the name of the toy lines, so please check them out!

Funko POP: Now a lot of these are pretty neat. I am definitely going to be getting the Domino POP since I need her in my line up! There are a ton others looking pretty cool and I suppose it's just going to come to my funds and space and if I really want to get into some of these avenues.

Marvel Legends: And something I didn't touch on with Shartimus Prime's video are the Cloak and Dagger figures that I am definitely excited for! The Silver Surfer figure is a must for me. I have been waiting for a good Norin Radd figure for a long time. I am not sure if Hasbro realizes that they are making it hard for collectors to keep up with their toy line as of late! But I suppose they are counting on people like me who is just a grand collector and must get every character as much as possible.