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Toy News: Bumblebee & Maiden in Black

#Bishoujo news! I know, I haven't really been giving out my bucks as liberally as before. I was interested in the Bishoujo Megatron, have yet to pull the trigger (no pun intended ya know). A Bumblebee though? Not my favorite Transformer but the energy in this Bishoujo is something to adore! Look at her! Probably won't but it's noteworthy to look at and possibly keep in mind for future grabs, eh? We shall see. In the mean time, it's nice to see her version!

As far as #Figma goes, I have yet to pull the trigger on one for a long time. I don't have the time for articulated figures as much as reviewing them takes more time than the standard figurines/statues. But there are some characters I'll take a gander and possibly pull the trigger on. The Maiden in Black from Demons Souls definitely takes my attention and got me to pull the trigger for an Amazon Preorder. I am a sucker for this character and for those who have been around me for some time, the Level-Up-Lady from the OG Soulsborne game. With that said, whether I keep the aim steady for figurine still remains because 2024 is the release date for this beauty. We shall see, right? But seriously, I do want this one.

I know, not a huge update, but definitely two things that caught my attention so worth dropping here.

Until Next Time!

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