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WandaVision: Trailer

Holy! With all the gaming shenanigans that has been happening the last few days (also, what's happening in the world), I almost didn't get the chance to talk about #WandaVision. What's there to say that can't be said? Lots of speculation with House of M theories and how it would tie into the idea of Mutants? A Shield "Truman Show" cover-up to keep Wanda's powers in check? Vision is alive? Maybe the five years 'inside' the limbo warped Wanda's mind?

I don't have answers, but what I do have is utter respect for them putting their classic costume into 'reality'. Vision looks hilarious and Wanda looks... remarkably attracting still. Hey, Elizabeth Olsen is a looker so... yeah. Well, it's on Disney+ later this year. And 'later' is already soon since 2020 is almost over. Will definitely watch this!

Until Next Time!

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