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X-Men '97: First Trailer

Finally, we have something! After some silence with the updates when it comes to X-Men '97, on February 15th, 2024 they finally gave us something! And how is it? Well, check it out for yourself:

Can we talk about kinetic claws?! That's all I really want to talk about! I unfortunately remember the last few episodes of the original X-Men run. While it wasn't horrendous, it wasn't great. And despite that, X-Men '97 is going to go off the original storyline, how it ended. This is a continuation and, hey, I'm proud of them for embracing how that show ended.

The cast is pretty good. The classics, adding Bishop and Morph to the mix. I do want to see Psylocke, Archangel, Colossus, Iceman, etc.

I'm also hoping that they do go off the storyline with Madelyn Prior. I'm sure they're not going to make her as promiscuous as she was in the comics. But hey, at least make her as menacing as can be!

And come on! More homage to some of the comics' best moments, please! I want to see storylines from the 90s, and maybe get some of the modern threads. I'm sure there will be plenty of guest appearances but can we also add new members as the season rolls in? With that said, I'm not sure how popular and how good this show is going to be. I am going to say one thing: I'm rooting for it.

March 20th this year! Let's do this!

Until Next Time!

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