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Art Share: Rikku & Terra

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Well now, this is unexpected! A Gift from the amazing WildCard4774 and the render done by Skyripe (both are no strangers on this blog). Wildcard definitely knows my style and knows my ladies! Man this is scrumptious! Half of my #Victorious_Vixens crew, Rikku and Terra find themselves in a bit of a #DiD scenario. Thankfully, they got each other, right? I mean, could be worse! And there's a bday cake too (it's a belated gift and I love it!)

Wildcard got the other half (Elsa and Jessica) before, now he made sure he got these two! Seriously though! I appreciate this! Check out Skyripe and Wildcard's pages! They both have some awesome stuff to look at within the same genre!

Until Next Time!

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