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Art Share: Castlevania Gals (Post Halloween)

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Not quite sure if this is going to be a yearly trend, but hey, it's happening this year and it happened last year with the RE Gals so let's go! Sexy and hot vampires? Fitting for a halloween celebration. Now, I'm not going to focus on a certain Castlevania #DiDs since some just reached mainstream popularity (or one) and the others are still lurking in the shadows. I'm just going to flat out show some good art of the Castlevania gals in and out of the Netflix series. Be warned, some of these pics will get a bit... saucy! So, let's go.

Like I said, it'll get saucy and right now, we are getting into the sauce of the Castlevania Netflix: Sypha Benaldes. Just look at that art. Getting groped and handled by none other than the lovely Carmilla.

I won't like this since it comes from a VERY off the charts lewd site called "Dan-Bo-Ru". But the artist, R3dFive did leave his sig on the pic. And a second picture without Syphha gagged. For how mouthy and vulgar she is, she certainly needs one. Least she has a crotch rope.

Charlotte belongs in the 'obscure' category which is why I made it an effort to get her commissioned at one point AND find pics of her that were done prior to me. This oe is a good one. Gagged by her own stockings. Nice.

I don't mind this ship. I don't mind this moment. Not one bit.

That poor Lenore is getting the bad end of the stake, ain't she? Carmilla seems to want to take her stress out on her younger sister, eh?

I'm not the biggest fan of the face getting covered up. Breathplay fascination and blindfold aside, it's not just for me. Though Nivek's art is always welcome here and Nilzy's MiramxShanoa is satisfying artwork! Also, I #DiD add to Shanoa's duress with my #commission with Agrias. Probably will go back to her again someday. Perhaps. Maybe.

Oh look! Another Lenore in bondage! This time, she's spending time with Sypha. Seems like the two are hitters of the show, aren't they? The price for being popular (don't forget that I also helped with my commission from BlackProf and PyonSangSang).

And like I said, here's an update--an addition! Lenore bondage! Yes!

Don't worry! It's not blood! Its wax! Also, look, some attention to Carmilla! She probably deserves this moment for sure! Lenore and Sypha can't have all the fun, right?

How about sisterly love? A "What if" moment? Comm'ed by BoundComix. Thank you!

Ohh what's this? The Council of Sisters all in DiD time together? Well, certainly wish that happened in the show..... truly.

Well, definitely not as "full" as the Resident Evil (post) Halloween entry. But I do believe there were plenty of good ones here and somehow, I believe I might be updating this some time or just make a part 2. Enjoy and do check out the artists responsible for this and their respected commissioners (if applicable)! Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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