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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (75)"

Here we go with another #Tied_Up_Tuesday for 2024! It's going to be a bumpy few weeks and I'm going to shoot to make it every Tuesday, but we'll see. But as far as this week, let's go for it! No theme, just the usual roped and gagged beauty for us to enjoy. Spoiler, it's going to be mostly non-consensual!

A Disgaea gal! Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 5 have my favorite stories and characters. Would like to get into more commissions involving those ladies (and Etna. Why not), but for now, enjoy Seraphina having some perilous moments. She deserves this by the way. She always wants all the attention in the world. Her outfit may not be as great as her default, but we can go with this. Why not?

Another hottie from another franchise filled with a bajillion hotties inside. Also happens to be Iorel's favorite kunoichi to mess with. I should delve into DoA damsels one of these days. Ayane is definitely a good gift and Ekki is lucky for that.

I swear Paula should just have her post by now. Maybe one day, eh? Not much else to say other than a good job on this, Skele! Paula should be used to it by now.

Not enough Kida DiD as much as she is DiD-able. And while she already volut(old)eered to be part of the Crusade, she definitely can grace the community more. Pyperhaylie DiD the gods' work. Oh, and that tree--makes me think of Pocahontas and how much she needs to have some tree-vore peril.

I know we just DiD Final Fantasy last TuT. I didn't plan on having Final Fantasy here but Sahalizard rendered some cool scenes within this AU take on the Scions and friends' bondage adventures.

Well, that's it for this week. Do check out the artists featured in this gallery, please. Thank you for visiting!

Until Next Time!

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