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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (76)"

Updated: Feb 10

Tied Up Tuesday time! I know, it's Tuesday already. We're going to focus on the beauty of the pictures rather than rattle it off with texts. I'm sure y'all don't mind, right? Lots of bound and gagged lovelies on this post! So enjoy!

I love these scenarios. A bondage game getting escalated to the authorities and the gagged damsel somehow has to convey to the officials that it's not what it seems. Of course she gets labeled accordingly.

Now it's not a secret that this is Destro's handiwork. She-Ra, handgagged, bound up? Yep, that's my boy! Also Orange is the artist behind it all so I'm down!

Sometimes we just want a sexy DiD spending her time sitting comfy while all bound up with some simple rope work. WoW DiD is often handled by the 3D renderers but I'll take 2D! I definitely enjoy this one.

It's very hard to get an art from Ryner-E, and believe me I've tried. But I can always apprecaite their artwork from afar. A Black Cat DiD with the Spiders just admiring her? yeah I'm all for this one. I think we should let Gwen get this one for sure!

I was a big MLP fan at one point. I'm not exactly going to say I was a Brony, but I did have a good time watching. Also, when they're Equestrian Girl version... yeah, the DiD makes sense. Also, this gal, Midnight Sparkle--all versions of her, they're voiced by Tara Strong, mind you.

A very obscure show but a very spicy episode. I love how much saturday morning cartoon vibe this DiD moment had. Also, Nefertina took it for the team with a quick kidnapping. I'm glad the DiD community remembered it so someone like Gustorak makes a 'what happened behind the scene' moment.

Malenia is not a Damsel. Malenia is a goddess with a gigantic sword and a depressing backstory. And to be honest, Malenia is not a traditional Damsel even if we are going to put her in that genre. WELL, she's here. Bound. Gagged. Helpless. And quite tantalizing. Know what? I'm all for it!

Well, that's it for this week's TuT! Not much else to say other than my usual! Do visit the artists' gallery and enjoy their hard work!

Until Next Time!

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