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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday Marvel I"

Alright, folks! Another Tied Up Tuesday! Let's make the theme Marvel DiDs this time around, eh? Why is it Marvel DiD themed? Why not? Also, X-Men '97 came out and it was good so it's time to make mine Marvel for a Tuesday.

Webbing up some Marvel gals that are the OP'ed is a good way to spice up Tied Up Tuesday. Unfortunately for Carol and Wanda, this ain't Peter webbing them up.

Speaking of super strong Marvel Damsel! Nothing quite does it than having a muscle-bound heroine all bounded up. She-Hulk always has that way when she's all bundled up--doesn't she?

This series is ongoing. And Nghiatanker seems to want to put the MCU gal on constant losing ends--and in distress. I'm all for it!

Rogue's DiD'ing around is going to get more extensive with X-Men '97's release. I'm just waiting for them and I'm going to eat it all up!

This look for Gwen grew on me. And the more we see her in DiD, the more I can accept it! A great position for Gwen too to make use of her flexibility.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this one before but let me do it again. But thanks to Sydney Sweeney, Julia Carpenter got some notoriety all for the wrong--RIGHT reasons. Whether or not Sydney fit the role one thing is certain: Madame Web was a flop. But fortunately for us, it jumpstarted this particular pic of "Spider-Woman" and its variants. AWESOME stuff, I'd say.

Wanda had always been a good damsel. Shame it took the MCU to make folks realize it. Though to be fair she did have a lot of ridiculous outfits. Her 'classic' one was always meant for some mockery but add some gold ropes and we're all good.

It's one of the Vixens. Go figure. Could use more restraints and a gag but hey! She's tied up and fits the bill for this Tuesday!

Marvel-themed DiD! That's all there is to it. Hope y'all enjoyed it! And as always, please do check out the artists that are responsible for this awesome DiD art.

Until Next Time!

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